Everything you need to fit your graphics properly for a long lasting professional finish


Package Includes

x1 x Felt Edge Squeegee Tool (colour may vary)

x1 50ml Bottle of Application Fluid with trigger spray

x1 50ml Bottle of Adhesive Remover with trigger spray


Adhesive Remover

GraphicMX1 adhesive remover works quickly, normally in under a minute. It will not leave an oily residue and is water-soluble.


Application Fluid

GraphicMX2 application fluid is the quick and easy way to apply vinyl graphics wet. Compared with soapy water, GraphicMX2 can significantly improve the adhesive bond. Tests show 300% improvement in adhesion after 6 hours and 50% after 24 hours, with the final adhesion values over 10% higher. This increase in adhesion values, shortly after application, allows application tapes to be removed very quickly, resulting in shorter field visits. GraphicMX2 speeds up application times, eliminates bubbling and wrinkling, helps application in cold and hot weather and makes the final result look consistently professional.


Application Squeegee

This professional squeegee tool is the optimal tool for the application and care of self-adhesive films and decals. Can be used to fit any vinyl decals, stickers and wrap, enabling you to achieve a professional finish, allows vinyl to be applied without scratching.

Motocross Vinyl Application Kit Squeeqee Application Fluid Adhesive Remover